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I feel it's very difficult to negotiate with others about a certain issue *
When disagreement arises, I am able to investigate the reasons behind it and able to cope with it *
I never know when and by whom to seek support from, when needed *
I am able to build a collaborative team of individuals working toward the same goal *
I am able to effectively transmit the content of an idea to other people and I can clearly & effectively transmit express my ideas and opinions *
I don't check if others have understood the message I communicate *
Ι know how to communicate diplomatically to those I disagree with *
Usually I 'm not aware of my non-verbal communication (i.e. body language) *
I usually focus on problems, and it's difficult to come up with innovative ideas and solutions *
I am able to switch to alternative approaches or perspectives in times of transformation *
I don't know how to think "outside the box" to solve a problem *
I can generate new ideas to deal with existing issues *
I believe creating multicultural workplace is important in today’s labour market *
I am an active listener *
Most of the time I'm not able to understand other people’s behaviors *
I am usually able to predict the behavior of others *
I can easily adapt to changing environments and I am able to adapt well to changing market demands *
I feel very unconfortable when I have to try new things *
In times of crisis I usually demonstrate confusion and it's difficult to reason *
I am able to take initiative for a difficult decision *
I usually need a long time to bounceback difficulties that come along *
I focus on achieving my goals in whatever circumstances and I can remain motivated even during stressful or critical times *
I am not comfortable with leading a team and learning from it *
I think failure is an opportunity to learn from and to grow from *
I am not someone who regularly evaluates my progress and adjusts my learning strategies as needed *
I am prepared to make an extra effort to successfully enter in a demanding labour market *
I am interested in learning about other cultures *
I'm not comfortable seeking out new resources and information to support my learning *
I am proactive in face of adverse life situations *
It's very difficult to effectively manage my emotions *
I don't feel comfortable expressing emotions and feelings *
I found easy to control my emotions and stay relaxed when I'm the center of attention *
I usually avoid personal conflicts and when I remain calmed *
I always feel uncomfortable in professional events and avoid socialize with people *
I always feel unwell when criticized, even if it's positive criticism *
When I have a problem at work it does not affect my personal life *