Introducing INKEY Tailored Learning Programs: a holistic toolkit empowering youth professionals. Assess LifeComp skills, co-create engaging learning experiences for NEETs, and boost understanding of their diverse challenges. Result? Enhanced LifeComp awareness, improved NEET empowerment actions, and heightened confidence in training practices, fueling daily work satisfaction.

Learning Blocks

The IO2 – INKEY Tailored Learning Programs_Learning Blocks aims to provide a set of activities that youth workers can implement with young people to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To increase the quality and effectiveness of the empowerment actions of the organizations and professionals working with young NEETs.
  2. To equip youth leaders, youth workers, and trainers with knowledge, skills, and innovative tools to empower young NEETs.
  3. To increase the key competencies of young NEETs, to let them unleash their dynamic potential, self-regulate their emotions and behaviors, cope with complexity, be thriving individuals, responsible social agents, and reflective lifelong learners.